Case Study –– Weight loss turned into confidence and business transformation!

Where she started

This client didn’t like the way she looked and her biggest goals were to tone up, lose weight, and build endurance. She was also interested in a better work/life balance so she could travel more, develop meaningful relationships, and be her best self. 

Other things to note: She was great at beating herself up for all of her shortcomings, she was coming out of a relationship, and had limited beliefs about her ability to rise up and be heard in her family-owned business.

What we worked on

We started with her physical goals and made some adjustments to her food/beverages. We  talked a lot about her self-critical tendencies, what it all meant, and action steps to take. She took every assignment to heart and challenged herself to be all-in to learn and grow from them. Her efforts paid off in no time.

Her successes!

She finished working with me after five months because that’s all it took for her to transform and exceed all of her goals!

  • She lost the weight, toned up, and competed in her first endurance-style challenge race

  • She became a strong leader! She started speaking up with confidence, putting herself first, and delegating work tasks. This gave her a much better work/life balance and allowed her to do more traveling

  • She developed a healthy relationship with herself and that allowed her to let go of outdated limited beliefs about her abilities and how high she could go in her career

The best part? She was promoted to General Manager of the business and is taking it to a whole new level! She is paying forward what she has learned during her coaching journey by coaching her staff to rise up both personally and professionally and they are very grateful.

It means the world to know that I have helped create such a positive and happy workplace for my team members. It wouldn’t have happened if I was still lacking in confidence and taking my inner critic’s words for the truth. I’m a much better leader because of our work together!

She wrote that to me after receiving this anonymous note from one of her team members:

I just wanted you to know how much we all appreciate what you are doing with the business. You have changed the momentum at work.

The fact that you feel so strongly about us wanting to be happy says a lot! You listen to our wants/needs and you’re willing to help us get to where we want to be.

I’ve always loved working here but now since you’ve changed the game I love coming to work even more.

Thank you for being supportive, wanting us to travel, spend time with our families and for making a positive atmosphere.
Kelly Summersett
case study –– stressed out woman couldn't lose weight

This delightful woman came to me because she wanted to lose weight and tone up and had not been successful on her own in years. She had been looking for work for over a year without success and she was in a stagnate relationship.

She was scared to pull the trigger on coaching since she hadn’t been working and didn’t think she could afford it. Guess what happened? Literally the day we started coaching she was offered and accepted her dream job. A job that they created just for her because they were so impressed by her abilities. This is actually pretty common — when you show the Universe you’re ready to play bigger and take action on your life, it rewards you.

When she started with me she was good at beating herself up and second guessing her abilities. She was stressed out about this new job, getting back into shape and worried if she could measure up and succeed. It was draining her time, energy and self-esteem and also encouraging her to cope in negative ways (food). 

We focused first on helping her take back her power over her life. She became aware of her stuck patterns and learned new tools that gave her courage and confidence to effectively speak up and use her voice to convey her needs. Practicing this on a regular basis opened up better communication with her partner and as a result, her health journey picked up steam. 

She started making herself a priority (for the first time ever) and committing time for regular workouts and to do things she wanted to do (she started filling herself back up!) This gave her the motivation to start making healthier food choices. 

She lost the weight, toned up and continued her wellness journey after our time together. More importantly, she learned how to up-level her relationship with herself which helped her strengthen the one with her partner and gave her confidence at work to own it!

This client worked with me for three months.

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Kelly Summersett
Case Study––Successful executive didn't know what she was missing

This successful executive came to me because she was in a workout rut and needed accountability to get back on track. Looking at her you saw a beautiful woman who was full of confidence and had it all together. What we learned is that she had a mean alter-ego. Her Inner Critic was super loud and bitchy and was keeping her from genuine happiness and having peace and calm in her life. 

Her Inner Critic told her how ugly she was, how she didn’t measure up to others’ success, and how she had to try harder to achieve more. Her Inner Critic had her stressed out trying to be perfect, stay in control, and to make sure no one saw any flaws in her work or on her body. 

I said hell-to-the-no about that and we got to work! She was eager to learn about this critical voice, how it got triggered, and what she had the power to do about it. She started practicing the tools and well before our three months were over she had made enormous strides to kick her Inner Critic to the curb. 

She became more authentic with people she worked with and instead of that being negative and scary (what her Inner Critic would always hammer home) it was freeing, accepted, and welcomed. 

She learned how to relax more and go with the flow both at work and in her personal relationship and started daring to dream and take action steps toward a life that wasn’t so ‘corporate focused.’ One that incorporated ample flex time and fun so she could travel and spend more time growing her relationship (that’s what can happen when you let go of Inner Critic and what she tells you is ‘the only way’.)

Practicing life up-leveling tools moved her out of her workout rut because she learned how to stop beating herself up which freed up her energy and time to start having more fun living and doing. She learned how to make the game of life easier to win. 

And finally, for the first time, she was able to look into the mirror and love the reflection she saw.

She learned:

- How to be excellent instead of perfect and all of the health and happiness benefits that surround that shift 

- How to go with the flow and allow things to happen naturally

- How to stop identifying with stress and overwhelm and identify instead with trust and calm 

- The relief, happiness, and strength that comes from letting people in and being more vulnerable and transparent 

- To set work ‘independence’ goals and is now doing what she loves, has travel freedom and splits her time between the TN and CO mountains

This client spent three months with me.

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Kelly Summersett
Brock Insurance –– Business case study

Brock Insurance valued their employees and wanted to give them a convenient opportunity to enhance their lifestyles by partnering with me and my FIT Business program.

Nine of the 17 women in the office initially signed on to participate and they ranged in age between 27 and 55. Most had been living for their children, spouses, and families meanwhile neglecting their own health for years. As a result, many were inactive, overweight, and living with high stress. They lacked energy and chose poor-quality nutrition. 

Management was hesitant and skeptical about the commitment level of these women because of three real challenges: Time, location, and no shower facilities.

These women agreed to give up their lunch hour three days per week to exercise in the outside carport and parking lot. The start date was a cold, dreary January. 

They stuck with it.

After eight weeks they were hooked. They loved the physical changes they were starting to see. Their energy levels and moods were heightened, and they were using the new tools that they were taught to handle challenging situations and make other significant lifestyle improvements. 

At the four month mark (the initial trial period) these nine women were down over 50 inches and reported a 60% decrease in stress, 30% increase in productivity and their attitudes had improved by 40%. 

They were excited to continue their progress and even enlisted three additional employees to join the course. 

The office became more unified. People worked together to hold each other accountable. Lunch room snacks changed from cheese puffs to fruit. 

During the height of the summer heat, interest peaked to train for the Habitat for Humanity Mud Run with five teams representing the office.  Nearly all management and staff participated and those unable to race came out to cheer. It was teamwork at its best and it led to exciting new experiences for many.

Total inches lost at the six month mark rose to over 70; an increase of 40% in two months time.

Morale remained high and employees continued solidifying their vastly-changing lifestyle habits so management agreed to extend the program through year-end. 

Our final group endeavor was a walking challenge open to all employees. The women of FIT Business captained the teams and nearly everyone participated. It was an exciting twelve weeks that encouraged walking, healthy eating/drinking and up-leveling other habits. It was fun, brought people together, and the winning team was awarded a coveted cash prize. 

One year after the partnership began employees who remained with the course were transformed. 

Employees gained the knowledge, drive, and intrinsic motivation necessary to continue their fitness journeys. The women not officially participating in FIT Business were taking positive cues from their peers and also making marked progress toward healthier lifestyle habits, including regular movement. 

As a result, Management purchased gym memberships for all their employees and checking in with them four months after FIT Business concluded, 16 of the 17 women were still using this benefit 2-3 days per week.

Update: I was told recently that one woman who never participated officially in FIT Business has had the biggest transformation to date. She changed from being sedentary to an avid exerciser and has up-leveled numerous aspects of her life. She embraced the group walking challenge and never looked back. Success! 

The first four months of FIT Business designed specifically for Brock included:

  • Initial kick-off meetings 
  • Three 45 minute onsite physical fitness sessions per week
  • Four 45 minute one-on-one coaching sessions per person (one per month) done in person or over the phone
  • Regular educational assignments and accountability based on group needs
  • Unlimited email access and accountability in between coaching and fitness sessions
  • Four one-hour lunch and learns 

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